Senior Mobile Developer

Job description

We are looking for a highly motivated senior mobile app developer who welcomes both engineering and quality assurance tasks. We work with different technologies such as Flutter, iOS, Android and React Native so it will be challenging to switch between tasks, but at the same time you will gain a lot of more insights and the learning curve will be high.

The primary focus will native Android. You will working with a distributed team so english language is a requirement. German language is an advantage, but not necessary.

You will be primarily working on new features or bug fixes for an Android SDK which consists of Java and Kotlin. You will also work on a Plugin which uses the Android Gradle Plugin API’s, that means ASM Transformations or Gradle Tasks should sound interesting to you.

You also should be interested in other platforms such as iOS, Flutter or React-Native as we try to help out others in the team with basic knowledge about those platforms to keep the SDK code at least a little bit in sync.


  • Developing new features
  • Technical customer support, that means finding out what’s the issue and fix it
  • Developing automated tests (Unit and integration tests)
  • QA for new features
  • Fixing bugs
  • Cooperating with a team all over the world


  • Extensive Android Development Knowledge and Experience
  • Deeper knowledge in Gradle or Android Gradle Plugin
  • Knowledge of Unit tests or Instrumentation test for any platform
  • Good Git skills
  • Good Rest API knowledge
  • Nice to have is an app already published in any store


  • Attractive payment
  • MacBook Pro M1+
  • Monthly Team Event
  • High learning curve because of deep technical tasks and high performant team

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